In Germany, Nicki graduated from the Pestalozzi Gymnasium, High School of the Performing Arts, with a Major in Latin and Fine Arts. After 2 years of studying at the University of Music in Munich, she relocated to New York to become a makeup artist in 1988. Starting out in print and fashion she quickly moved on to design makeup for independent movies, tv shows and major motion pictures. Nicki has designed films and tv shows for some of the most prestiges directors in the business, such as The Coen Borthers, Steven Soderberg and Martin Scorsese. Nicki is a 5 time Emmy nominee for the tv shows "Sex and the City", Steven Soderbergh's drama "The Knick" and Martin Scorsese's HBO series "VINYL". Nicki won an Emmy Award for her makeup design of "Boardwalk Empire", the pilot, directed by Martin Scorsese. "The Devil Wears Prada" earned Nicki a BAFTA nominee, she is also 4 time nominee and 1 time recipient of the Hollywood Guild Awards. Nicki’s most recent makeup design work includes the film musical "The Greatest Showman" awarded with a Hollywood Guild Award nomination. Currently she is finishing Martin Scorsese's highly anticipated drama "The Irishman". Nicki was one of the first women to be honored with the "Designing Women Award" by "New York Women In Film and Televison" or her overall body of work. Nicki is also a graduate of IIPC for cosmetic and paramedical tattooing.
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